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Kiev – Dnipropetrovsk – Odessa

10-day Tour package for Two

Special treat for boat tour lovers. Take a chance to visit Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa Ukraine in just 10 days. If you enjoy panoramic views you can get from the riverboat - this tour is for you! Sure, it's not a cruise, but you get almost the same feelings and pay much less. Explore the cities with our English-speaking guides, take a boat ride and fall in love with the biggest river of Ukraine - Dnepr ( Dnipro in Ukrainian) and try a yacht in Odessa - the Black-sea jewel of Ukraine. Spend the first days of your tour in the capital of Ukraine Kiev - city with 1500 years of history, which boasts both the tranquility of an ancient city and the frenzy of a newly independent nation. Then take an express train to Odessa and enjoy the countryside views on the way. Get a city tour in Odessa and try a motorboat ride. And at the end of your tour - overnight train to Odessa and stay at the most cosmopolitan city of Ukraine where Ukrainians, Jewish, Russians and Greeks have been mixing for the 200 years and created a very special culture you can't find anywhere else. Traveling with UkraineTour you can choose between staying in private apartments or hotels, train or plane transportation, order more excursions or just hire one of our personal guided to be your escort during your tour in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa. We'll do our best to make your trip to Ukraine an unforgettable experience!

Ukraine Tour Kiev - Dnipropetrovsk - Odessa package for 2
from $750 USD/person
accommodation, transportation and excursions included!

Please, browse a sample itinerary below and
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Day 1 Meeting at Boryspol Airport and a car transfer to Kiev downtown Kiev_Ukraina_hotel
Day 1-4 Accommodation in Kiev downtown

Private Kiev apartment (click and see examples)  OR

3 or 4-star Kiev Hotel from the list 

Day 2 5h Observation car Kiev Excursion

All major sights, Kiev Pecherska Lavra Monastery, World War II Museum

Car, English-speaking guide, admission tickets included

Optional: 2h Dnipro River boat trip

Day 3 3h excursion to the Museum of folk wooden architecture at the open air in Pirogovo near Kiev

Car, English-speaking guide, admission tickets included

Day 4 Free time with late afternoon Transfer to Kiev Train Station for a train to Odessa (5:45 pm - 11:34 pm) 

Two 1st class tickets 

(bus-type seats, compartment for 6)

Optional upgrade to 1h flight Kiev - Odessa

Meeting at Odessa Train Station and Car transfer to the place of accommodation
Day 4-6 Accommodation in Odessa downtown

Private Odessa apartment 




3/4-star Odessa Hotel from the list 

Day 5 3h Odessa Excursion to learn about 300 year history of the city and its sights. Yekaterininsky Avenue, Potemkin Palace and Preobrazhensky Cathedral created in traditions of Russian Classicism, and a wonderful Quay with the length of over 40 km built on the wave-built sand. 

Exploring Dnipro river parks, those are considered to be the monuments of landscape gardening of the 18th century, and visiting Monastyrskiy Island.

Day 6 Free time or Optional Sailing - Yacht or Motor boat voyage 

Optional Odessa region tours 

(Khortitsa, Poltava or Petrykivka )

6:00 pm Transfer to Odessa Train Station 
Train  Odessa – Odessa (7:27 pm - 6:48am) Two 2nd class tickets 

Optional upgrade to 1st class (sleeping compartment for 2)

Day 7 Car transfer Odessa Train Station - downtown Odessa_opera_Ukraine
Day 7-10 Accommodation in Odessa downtown

Private Odessa apartment (click & see examples)  OR

3 or 4-star Odessa Hotel from the list 

Day 7 5h Observation Odessa excursion

(car, guide, admission tickets included)

Day 8-9 Free time or Optional Excursions to the

Museum of Partisan Glory (Catacombs), 

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress

or Black Sea yacht sailing

Optional: Tickets to the famous Odessa opera theater.

Day 10 Transfer to Odessa Airport and

Flight Odessa-Kiev (8:30-10:40 am)

to be at Boryspol Airport right on time for your flight home

Optional: Overnight Train on Day 9 Odessa-Kiev (9:30 pm - 7:00 am) for those who have early morning flight from Boryspol