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Odessa Train Schedule

Browse our Odesa train timetable below to get a general idea about options you have. In general, prices are between $15 and $45 USD/ticket depending on the route, type of train (day express night train) and type of tickets (1st class or 2nd class).

Please, keep in mind that only the most popular routes and the most convenient trains are listed. For detailed and the most recent schedules of trains connecting Odessa with different Ukrainian cities, please, e-mail us

If you plan to take a train connecting to your international flight from Odesa Airport, allow at least 3 hours between arrival and departure.

Please note, that train tickets can be booked only 40 days prior to the date of departure date.

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From Odesa
To Odesa


091 02:00pm 00:45am 063 07:25pm 06:18am
064 10:06pm 08:46am 092 08:25pm 08:09am


472 03:28pm 08:38am 471 04:13pm 09:17am
060 06:44pm 09:19am 059 05:22pm 07:29am


318 02:41pm 09:04pm 317 4:23pm 10:48pm


765 05:47am 12:41pm 763 04:35pm 11:31pm
106 11:01pm 08:12am 105 09:58pm 06:59am


026 06:26pm 06:12am 026 08:40pm 08:50am


318 02:41pm 07:41pm 317 5:53am 10:48am


108 07:10pm 2:45pm 107 05:48pm 12:42pm


764 05:47am 10:26am 763 06:54pm 11:31pm
798 12:57pm 07:27pm 797 10:35pm 05:03am


318 02:41pm 05:40am 317 7:55pm 10:48am

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